About Me

I am a social hacker from Portland, OR, USA. A large number of my evenings are spent hanging out with fellow programmers at cafes or bars. Commonly discussing our latest and greatest projects over some nachos.

Why do I hack

Repetition is one of the banes of my existence. The first time I do something it is new and interesting. The second time I get a feel for what parts should, could, and probably will be automated. The third time I am definitely looking for and/or writing tools to solve this problem for me.

There is a lot of great software out there, functionality wise if not code beauty wise. I find over time instead of building my own unique projects that provide something that stands on its own, I am gluing services together in order to make the web a more coherent place.

Finally there is the wonderful micro high that comes along with solving a problem. It is even better if it was a hard problem or you have an elegant solution. The best is a really hard problem, really elegant solution, and being able to show it off to my friends because it is open source.


  • Programming Polyglot
  • IRC is one of the first things I reconnect to when I open my laptop.
  • Long time Linux nerd (I used slackware when it was “cool”)
  • Cyclist, both commute and sport.