Other Skills

A listing of my less technical skills and development methodologies that I wasn’t sure where else to put.


I have never worked anywhere that implemented any of the agile methodologies fully. But I have worked with several of the techniques found in Scrum and XP, including:

  • Pair programming
  • Continuous integration
  • Sprint based development
  • Test driven development
  • Collecting and writing user stories

Public Speaking

Public speaking, especially educating a group on a topic is a lot of fun to me. Here is a list of places I’ve spoken or ran sessions

  • PDX Python (Most recent to oldest)
    • Building Distributed Systems with Redis and Pub/Sub
    • django-slow-log
    • inspect (lightning talk)
    • dis (lightning talk)
    • baker (lightning talk)
    • Using bpython
  • Barcamp Portland 2012
    • Co-ran a session on building distributed systems had people writing services for ZenIRCBot in the session to show how easy it is.