The vast majority of my projects are open source and can be found on GitHub. This is a list of projects I’ve written or contributed to in some way. I love discussing them, so feel free to ask me about them.

Read the Docs

Read the Docs is a site for building and hosting sphinx documentation. The main goal of it is to lower the barrier to writing docs as much as possible. The idea is that if there is free hosting, automated building, and easy to select themes developers would write docs. Once they are written maintaining them is easy because when you push your docs are automatically rebuilt.

What I did for the project:

  • Core developer/maintainer on the project.
  • Wrote better integration with GitHub, including tests.
  • Made it possible for multiple people be admins on a project.
  • Took part in architecture discussions with the maintainer.
  • Took over maintainship for 4 months while the previous maintainer was away.


ZenIRCBot is a IRC bot that works a bit differently than your standard bot. Features (and interesting to implement things) include:

  • Microservice architecture
  • Redis pub/sub as a transport
  • Services can be written in any language.
  • Core bot written in Node.js but reference implementations are also in Python and Clojure.
  • Patched various third party libraries to enable features in each of the bots.


This is less a software project and more a project that revolves around, software. I’m co-organizer for the group, which means planning meetings, getting speakers, running workshops, and more.

  • Once a month software hack night that I mentor at.
  • Once a month hardware hack night which I am core mentor for.
  • Once a month presentation night, some months I fill in if we can’t find a speaker.
  • Periodic workshops, some I am the main organizer, others I’m just a mentor.


Since July or so of 2013, I’ve become a hardware hacker to complement my software development skills. It is really great being able to interact with the real world, not just via a keyboard or mouse or something.

  • Built a monitoring system for my house, temp, light, humidity and cat door.
  • Built a media keyboard (play/pause/back/forward/volume) where I had to patch the firmware that comes with the chip to better adhear to the USB HID spec.
  • In the process of building a bike computer with GPS, heart rate, cadence and a light system.
  • In the process of building a monitoring system for my smoker.


That would be this. I have it up on GitHub because it is easier to maintain there. It is written in ReStructured Text using sphinx so I can host it on Read the Docs.

I was inspired by another user who has his resume on Read The Docs as well!